I Pity the Poor Immigrant

Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding - 1967

Article 50


The Curious Case of the NHS Logo Copyright Infringement

The Vote Leave Battle Bus proudly displayed the official NHS logo throughout the campaign and,  despite representations from various bodies including the NHS itself to cease and desist this copyright infringement under UK law,  the Lord High Chancellor & Minister of Justice, Michael Gove MP,  continued to use the bus & logo as a campaign prop ....

Correlation is not causation ... or in this case?

Official UK Brexit Negotiators en route to Brussels

The pessimisticResident Alien is an EU citizen who currently is accorded under EU law the right to live & work in the 28 member states of the Union, and is accorded the same rights as nationals of the host country.    These rights will be summarily rescinded in the event that the UK Government activates Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.